COATERZ Automotive Window Tint

CoaterZ ("CoaterZ") hereby extends to the vehicle owner a Lifetime Warranty ("Warranty Period") from the initial installation date, guaranteeing that the COATERZ Automotive Window Tint ("Product(s)") will be free from defects including discoloration, fading, bubbling, peeling, cracking, and delamination for the duration of your vehicle's life.

Should the Product exhibit any defects due to manufacturing flaws during the Warranty Period, CoaterZ reserves the right, at its discretion, to either remove or replace the defective Product at no cost. In the event of a replacement, CoaterZ will appoint an authorized technician to remove the faulty film and apply new film to the affected areas as determined solely by CoaterZ. This warranty covers both parts and labor. The provision of a replacement film constitutes the sole remedy available under this Warranty for all covered Products.

CoaterZ's responsibility for repair or replacement is confined to the Product available at the time of such service and is limited solely to the specific Product that exhibits a manufacturing defect. Any Product that is repaired or replaced under this Warranty will continue to be covered for the remainder of the original Warranty Period. Neither repair nor replacement will extend the initial Warranty Period or initiate a new warranty timeline. These stipulations fully describe the remedies available under this Warranty for all covered Products.

To claim under this Warranty, the owner must present a valid warranty card, a copy of the original purchase receipt clearly showing the covered areas, and a comprehensive description of the alleged defect to CoaterZ. To activate a warranty service, the client must present the original warranty card and proof of purchase, detailing the covered areas and a comprehensive description of the defect, to the CoaterZ location where the initial installation was performed. .

Claims must include the claimant’s full name, contact number, address, and if different, the address where the installation took place, along with details of the Product and the defect in question.



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